Phil Dunphy’s favourite hockey team! L’équipe de hockey préférée de Phil Dunphy!

We are incredibly grateful to Modern Family writer Charles Tatham for his support of the Condors! Recently, Mr. Tatham also sent us an amazing greeting from his good friend, Phil Dunphy (aka Ty Burrell) of Modern Family!

Nous sommes incroyablement reconnaissants à Charles Tatham, l’écrivain de Modern Family, pour son soutien aux Condors! Récemment, M. Tatham nous a également envoyé un salut incroyable de son bon ami, Phil Dunphy (alias Ty Burrell) de Modern Family!


Phil Dunphy’s fav hockey team! L’équipe de hockey préférée de Phil Dunphy!

Modern Family's Ty Burrell on his favourite hockey team!

So…heard of this show on TV called Modern Family? Well…..they've heard of us!! HUGE thanks to Phil Dunphy (aka Ty Burrell) and MF writer and Condors fan Charles Tatham for this AMAZING gift! #thisisawesome #whaaaaat?? #phildunphy

Posted by Capital City Condors on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

So….who’s YOUR favourite hockey team? Be like Phil, people, be like Phil! Alors … qui est votre équipe de hockey préférée? Soyez comme Phil, les gens, soit comme Phil!


Condors players exhibition game at the Maple Leaf Cup!

ALL Condors players are invited to join us as we represent special hockey during an exciting and fun exhibition game at the Maple Leaf Cup!

This is the first year the Maple Leaf Cup is coming to Ottawa and we are so excited to be included!

Please use one sign-up form per player:

The Maple Leaf Cup, Sept. 30, 2017 in support of Jonathan Pitre!

  • •ALL Condors players are invited to join us in representing Special Hockey by playing an exhibition game in the Maple Leaf Cup to benefit Ottawa-native Jonathan Pitre!




Condors parents, siblings & volunteers invited to join the Maple Leaf Cup!

If you are a Condors parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, or volunteer/coach: please join us in representing the Condors by becoming a team member!

All players must be ages 18yrs and up.

Sign-ups must be received by noon on June 30th, 2017!

Note: the Condors players exhibition game for the Maple Leaf Cup has a separate sign-up form.

The Maple Leaf Cup, Sept. 30, 2017 in support of Jonathan Pitre!

  • •Join us in representing the Condors by joining one of the teams we're entering in the Maple Leaf Cup on Sept. 30th in the CTC parking lots!

    •Condors parents, siblings, and volunteers are welcome to join us on the adult teams Note: all players must be ages 18+

    •Entry is $30 per person, payable ahead of time by e-transfer please

    •Each team must have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 9 players.

    IMPORTANT INFO: our teams will be playing against regular teams, not other special hockey teams

    •Sign-ups will close on June 30, 2017

    •there will be another sign-up form for the Condors exhibition game in which all Condors will be invited to participate coming soon!




Thank you for another AWESOME golf tournament!

Well, now it’s feeling like summer!
Difficult to consider that just a week ago we were slightly chilled as we played around the Marshes at the Kyle Turris / Capital City Condors Golf Classic. And while we might have been a bit cooler than desired, we remained quite DRY, despite the 90% chance of heavy rains which had been forecast a day earlier. We are VERY grateful that the rains held off, and we were able to enjoy an incredible day together.  I’ve said it often over the last number of years, and I heard a few of you say it on Monday, being around these special kids warms you up anyway, so enjoy the moment! 


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