Cainco Photography’s White Shirt Gallery on Daytime Ottawa!

We are incredibly grateful for Steve Cain for his on-going support of the Capital City Condors! For years, Steve has given huge amounts of his time, talents, and resources to the Condors family. He provides beautiful photos of our players for our annual yearbook, which he spends hours on creating works of art that we all treasure! He comes out to our events and promotes the Condors via his business Cainco Photography all on his own dime.

Not only does he do all that, but he created the White Shirt Gallery, an incredible collection of photographs that benefits the Condors! Here is Steve with Daytime Ottawa’s host, Dylan Black, promoting the gallery and the Condors!

THANK-YOU, Steve, for your incredible kindness, support and generosity, from your Capital City Condors family!

Special thanks to Dave Smith and the entire Peterborough Committee!

To Dave Smith and the SHI Peterborough Planning Committee,
   On behalf of Special Hockey International teams everywhere, and especially those heading to your city this week, may I express my deep gratitude for all you have done, and are doing to make this years tournament happen.  I know that we will all be the beneficiaries of your tireless efforts, and we are thankful!
   You stepped into a seemingly hopeless situation, faced the realities of having to mend and heal before even beginning to rebuild, and have managed to pull together something that many thought impossible.  Hundreds will arrive in Peterborough in the next few days, and get to experience the best that these athletes bring, the joy of the immediate camaraderie they demonstrate, the pure fun they have whenever they get together.  The hockey will be great, but we all know that what happens on the ice is just part of the richness of these days spent together. 
   Having recently hosted one of these events, we know a little bit about the hours / weeks you have spent preparing, tweaking, adjusting, monitoring, leading, questioning, answering, and then tweaking some more.  Your investment has been monumental, and you’ve done it so that we can create special memories and experiences which will shape our lives for years to come.  You are giving us an invaluable gift.  We all thank you!
   May our expressions of gratitude as we arrive, be a source of encouragement to you, and our expressions of heartfelt appreciation at least in a small way, reward you for your kindness and dedication to Special Hockey.
   Wishing you all the best this week, we look forward to meeting you and thanking you in person!
   Jim Perkins
   Capital City Condors

Sparty Party March 2017!

HUGE thanks to Kyle & Julie Turris for the Sparty Party at the CTC yesterday evening (Mar. 8’17)!! Everyone had an absolute blast, players, parents, and Spartacat too!

Thanks to our terrific photographer, Steve Cain of Cainco Photography, for coming out on his own time once again to take some great photos of the event.

#specialhockeyrocks #biggerthanhockey

Phil Dunphy’s favourite hockey team!

We are incredibly grateful to Modern Family writer Charles Tatham for his support of the Condors! Recently, Mr. Tatham also sent us an amazing greeting from his good friend, Phil Dunphy (aka Ty Burrell) of Modern Family!


Phil Dunphy’s fav hockey team!

Modern Family's Ty Burrell on his favourite hockey team!

So…heard of this show on TV called Modern Family? Well…..they've heard of us!! HUGE thanks to Phil Dunphy (aka Ty Burrell) and MF writer and Condors fan Charles Tatham for this AMAZING gift! #thisisawesome #whaaaaat?? #phildunphy

Posted by Capital City Condors on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

So….who’s YOUR favourite hockey team? Be like Phil, people, be like Phil!