And we’re off!

Season 9 is off to a terrific start!

It’s so great to see both old and new faces behind those cages!! And welcome to our new on-ice volunteers as well. We have an incredible group of seasoned and new volunteers giving our players the best of their time and attention and we are so incredibly grateful for each one of them!

Having 4 icetimes is an exciting challenge for our on-ice volunteers and Head Coaches, but thanks to their dedication and generosity, the new format is a huge hit! We are so happy to be able to provide such a fun, safe, and exciting program to our players and their families!

There are TONS of great activities to look forward to this season as well! Here’s just a few:

-SHI 2017 Tournament in Peterborough

-Girls Day in Hockey in Kitchener

-Robbie Allen Friendship Tournament

-Niagara Jr Ice Dogs Friendship Tournament

-USA Disabled Hockey Festival in San José, CA

-Bell Capital Cup

-Condors Christmas Party

-Condors Fashion Show

-Condors at the Sens Autism Awareness Evening

and more….!!

Keep an eye on your inboxes Condors families for details and sign-ups!

As we always say, Condors Hockey is so much #biggerthanhockey ! Providing an inclusive, equitable, safe, fun hockey program in which life-long friendships between players and families are made, is why we keep on #makinghockeyhappen

THANKS for being a part of the Condors Family! GO CONDORS GO!

Thankful yet heavy-hearted

September 21, 2016

Condors Family,

What an amazing September morning. The sky is bright blue, the air crisp and clear, and the majestic maple tree I look at out the front window is clearly more colourful than even yesterday. It’s also “International Day of Peace” so we can’t help but be reminded of all that we have to be grateful for.

Yet even while thankful for so many things, my heart is heavy today too, as we received the word that Roseanne Facchin passed away this morning, after an incredibly courageous and inspiring battle with her illness. Her condition had been declining rapidly over the past couple weeks, and as Will shared last evening, he hoped that she could just fall asleep, maybe even today, the first day of Fall.

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Girls Day in Hockey hosted by the Kitchener Ice Pirates – Jan. 22 ’17!

Date: Sunday, January 22nd, 2017
Location: Activa Sportsplex, Kitchener (135 Lennox Lewis Way)
Game time: approximately 12pm for one “blue and white” style standard 50 minute game
Extras: snacks following the game, along with something fun (past two years we’ve done manicures) all held upstairs in the Murray Fried room at Activa Sportsplex Continue reading

California Dreamin’ April 6-9, 2017!

Yes, we are just like the Beach Boys: we’re California Dreamin”!!

Please use the form below to indicate your level of interest in attending the USA Disabled Hockey Festival in San José, California in April of 2017. It our goal to use the funds raised and tracked in the thermometer on our homepage to subsidize the cost of this trip for each player who wishes to attend and one of their accompanying parent(s)/guardian!

This is strictly an expression of interest and will not lock you into anything at this point.
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