Condors Masters Raffle Cheque Presentation

Thanks to the generosity of all those who bought tickets for the Condors Masters Raffle, the Rotary Club of Ottawa Kanata Sunrise presented a cheque today to the Capital City Condors for $8,000. The support of the local community led to more than $17,000 being raised in total, with monies also going to the Rotary Club’s volunteer efforts in the city such as the Kanata Food Cupboard, Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre, West Ottawa Community Resource Centre, Rotary Home and Support our Troops fund.

(pictured left-to-right: Kanata North Councilor Marianne Wilkinson, Dwight Brown from the Rotary Club, Ian Anderson of the Condors, John Beard also from the Rotary Club, and Kanata South Councilor Allan Hubley)

Thank you for another AWESOME golf tournament!

Well, now it’s feeling like summer!
Difficult to consider that just a week ago we were slightly chilled as we played around the Marshes at the Kyle Turris / Capital City Condors Golf Classic. And while we might have been a bit cooler than desired, we remained quite DRY, despite the 90% chance of heavy rains which had been forecast a day earlier. We are VERY grateful that the rains held off, and we were able to enjoy an incredible day together.  I’ve said it often over the last number of years, and I heard a few of you say it on Monday, being around these special kids warms you up anyway, so enjoy the moment! 


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Changing your password

There has been some confusion about how you change your password once logged in to the new Member Area.

There is a name and avatar in the top-right of the page with a drop-down list with “Edit My Profile” link:


When you click that link, you will be taken to your profile page where you can Generate Password to get a super strong (and totally un-remember-able) password. This is a text box. So if you want to type in your own (remember-able) password. The strength of the password is up to you. My password is considered “weak” but I actually don’t agree with WordPress on this 😉


If you have any issues, let me know: