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Hi Everybody,

Well, just 24 hours ago now we were cleaning up after spending an amazing day with an incredible group of people, who had all come together to laugh and play, and put their support behind some kids who bring so much happiness and perspective to so many. Because of your help, the second Capital City Condors Golf Classic was a gigantic success.

For those of you who came and golfed, it was a pleasure to get to speak with many of you throughout the day, and I hope you had an even better time than you expected. I hope you got to meet some of the Condors athletes and parents, and if you hadn’t previously had the fun of spending time with them, I trust their exuberance and joy touched you. Thank you for taking the day off from work 🙂 to join us and encourage this program and all those impacted by it. You helped make it a sell-out, and we’re overwhelmed by the positive comments you shared throughout the day. Thank you for your part in making the day a success on so many levels – and I especially appreciate the interest you took in the kids! I know Zac (our “tiny” goalie in all his gear at the 1st tee) was one tired, but happy guy, and he LOVED getting to meet so many great people! My DEEP thanks to all of you!

To those of you who so kindly and generously supported us through your sponsorship, how do I adequately thank you for all you did to make the event a success? You gave of your own means to make a significant difference in others, and I trust that your kindness will come back to you many times over. You enabled us to do some extra things throughout the day that made it even better, and ultimately, have helped us provide continued programming for these teams as we move forward. I would love to somehow have the opportunity to sit down with each of you and share what a difference you support is making. I trust you can appreciate how many kids in Ottawa/Gatineau, and even other cities in Ontario, benefit greatly from your generosity.

Special thanks to BackOffice Associates for your GOLD Sponsorship, and to AMCES and centre ST.LAURENT centre for your silver sponsorships! You have encouraged us beyond what we can convey! Thank you!

To Kyle Turris, Erik Condra and Patrick Wiercioch – you guys never cease to amaze me! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you coming out and spending the entire day and evening with us all! I loved walking into the room early in the day, when the bbq was being served, and seeing you guys sitting at a table surrounded by Condors players – not sure if you or the kids had bigger smiles on your faces! It’s so clear to everyone that you are not only great athletes, but great character guys, and we’re beyond fortunate to have you with us. And Kyle and Julie, together you two have made a deeper imprint on all our lives than you’ll ever know! Thanks so much!

And to our many volunteers – what can I say? You continue to amaze me with your selfless service and determination to make things better! You gave up hours, if not DAYS…and some of you WEEKS of your time to make this day an extra special one for everybody. This would not have even been possible without you – and again, “Thank You” feels very inadequate. To the kids who came out and hugged, smiled, and signed lots of autographs – you guys and girls are awesome! It was GREAT having you help out, you made it an even better day. And to the grown-ups, I sincerely hope you are resting tonight in the knowledge that you did better than good – you did GREAT, and all of us appreciate you very deeply. Mark, Marlene, Shana, Bruce, Ian, Matt, Karen – WELL DONE! Everyone of us who enjoyed yesterday are indebted to you.

It looks like together, we were able to raise just over $36,000 yesterday!!! How amazing is that! Again, we can’t thank you enough!

It’s a pretty humbling thing to be part of something that changes lives, and to be surrounded by people who are dedicated to making that happen. I consider myself deeply blessed – and appreciate you “difference makers”.

Have an excellent summer – stop by one of the rinks some Saturday if you can during the upcoming season, and we’d love to see you again next year at the 3rd Capital City Condors Classic!

All the best!
Jim Perkins

“…it’s a jungle out there…be different, be better, make things better.” Dr. Wes Stafford

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