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Condors Jerseys & Socks

Please use one order form per player/person. If you’d like to purchase a jersey as a gift for a non-player, please let me know in the notes section of the order form. ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY NOVEMBER 14TH to be included in this order.



We are excited to share that The Capital City Condors have been selected by Canadian Tire Jumpstart to receive a grant from their Sport Relief Fund! The fund helps community sport organizations like ours continue to provide access to sport and play for Canadian kids. This grant will go a long way towards helping us to keep our amazing adaptive hockey programming both excellent and low-cost for our very deserving players and their families!

THANK-YOU JUMPSTART!!!! GOOOOOO CONDORS!!!! #SportReliefFund#adaptedhockeyrocks#biggerthanhockey#condorshockey#inclusion#inclusionmatters#seetheability#adaptiveathlete#adaptivesports#canadianadaptedhockeyalliance

Registrations for our 14th season are NOW FULL for RETURNING and NEW PLAYERS!

UPDATE OCT 15: OUR WAITING LISTS ARE FULL, we look forward to adding spots to our rosters next season so we can welcome even more families into the Condors Family!

If you played with the Condors in the 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 season, you are welcome to head on over to the Registration Page and click on the link for RETURNING PLAYER REGISTRATION!

New player registration IS NOW OPEN! WOOHOO! Click on our Registration Page and select the NEW PLAYER REGISTRATION APPLICATION FORM.

Go Condors Go!


Thanks to our good friends and long-time supporters at Festival Promotions, we are stoked to be able to offer both a Boromaski and a Condors mask as a fundraiser for our team!

These masks are high-quality, light-weight, comfortable to wear and have a pocket to insert a filter if you wish. And while they won’t give you the hockey prowess of our Honorary Captain, they will give you his famous grin! haha!

Don’t forget to also grab a bottle of our mask refresher spray while you’re at it, thanks to Good Heavens Organics for supplying these organic essential oil sprays made with the highest quality ingredients. The spray is light and refreshing and depending on the scent you choose can impact your day and your outlook all at the same time as helping to keep you and other healthy and safe!

We have local pickup or shipping via Canada Post shipping options available for your to choose when checking out! Great big thanks to the Kooiman family for undertaking the local pickup option, sorting and packing for us on this project!!

Get your masks and refresher spray here: BOROMASKI.COM


End of Season 12 Thank-you Video!

Huge thanks to all our awesome players, their families and friends and our incredible volunteers for making Season 12 so great! It ended a little abruptly, and we’re all missing each other and hockey pretty badly, so we hope this video brings a smile to your face and reminds you that we are still a family and we will be back on the ice together soon!

Have a great summer and stay safe everyone! GO CONDORS!

HERE’S THE LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNXywwv8A7g&feature=youtu.be

Condors update!

While the COVID-19 pandemic shortened our season and forced the post-ponement of our tournament, it hasn’t lessened our Condors team spirit!

We continue to connect via online chats and social media and while it’s not quite as great as getting on the ice together, it has been a lot of fun!

We hope everyone stays healthy and safe – keep getting your exercise: it’ good for your body, mind and spirit! Check out the stick-handling videos Coach Solomon made and posted to Youtube for us – keep those skills sharp!

Stay in touch with us on our Facebook page and be sure to tag the Condors in posts you’d like to share with Condors Nation!

And remember to….

hee hee…get it? A Condor is a bird of prey…and our prey is awesome hockey!

CAHA/ACHA 2020 Hockey Jamboree Registration Open!

The Condors are honored and pleased to host the 2nd Annual CAHA/ACHA Hockey Jamboree! As the hosts of this year’s tournament, we want to extend a warm invitation to all CAHA/ACHA member clubs to join us as we come together for great hockey, great friendships, and awesome social times!

The Condors invite you to this tournament in loving memory of our friend and teammate Robbie Allen who we lost too soon in 2016. Robbie, you are dearly missed and we wish you were playing this tournament with us! #foreveracondor

Robbie Allen, 2016

The Hockey Jamboree will take place in Ottawa, Ontario March 19-21, 2020 in various locations in the West end of Ottawa (Kanata).

Registration for the teams (please have the team managers do this once for your team), individual registration for the social events, and purchase of swag (hoodies and t-shirts are available) is now OPEN via this site.


Team Registrations

This is done once for each team registering and should be done by the Team Manager. There are 2 “products” that you can add to your cart for team registration.

  1. “Base” Team Registration – the first 20 players per team are a flat fee of $500. Also let us know which team you are registering and what level (A, B, C, or Mixed). Every team registering requires at least this to be added.
  2. “Extra players” – for each player on your team after the first 20 (so 21st+) there is a fee of $30/player. Add this “product” to your cart and indicate the quantity.

Social Event Registration

There are 3 events that individuals/groups/families can register for:

  • Opening Ceremony – Thursday Mar 19, 6:00pm at the Bell Centennial Arena. This event is free. We just want to get an idea of how many people are going. You can add this event to your cart and pick a quantity. If you have no other items in your cart, you can just check out and you will not be charged anything. Also, please let us know what team you are “affiliated” with.
  • CAHA/ACHA President’s Pizza & Movie Party! – Thursday Mar 19, 7:30pm in the hall at Kanata Baptist Church. Tickets can be purchased on the site. When you come to the party, just bring your invoice.
  • Dinner & Dance (with “Silent Beats”) – Friday Mar 20, 5:30pm at the Brookstreet Hotel. Tickets can be purchased on the site. When you come to the party, just bring your invoice.

Tournament Clothing (SWAG!)

There are 2 items available:

  • Hoodie – black
  • T-shirt – also black

Note that these items are not going to be available until the tournament. You can purchase them here and pick them up at the tournament. No shipping is available. Please bring a copy of your invoice to show proof of purchase.


The web site uses a popular package called Woocommerce to integrate with our WordPress site. This is the first time the Condors have used this package to sell stuff from the website so please, please be patient 😉

If you encounter issues with purchasing items/registering for events, etc. please email webmaster@capitalcitycondors.org and CC gm@capitalcitycondors.org. We can work things out. No need to panic. If there is a screw up with the payment, we have to ability to issue refunds and make it right.

Speaking of payments, we use PayPal payments. Some people think that means you need a PayPal account. You DO NOT. You can choose just to do a credit card payment and not register for PayPal at all. It will ask for address info (even though there is no shipping) because that is what the credit card companies require to do online payments. PayPal will not retain that information or enroll you for an account unless you want/have one.