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Check out the terrific website the Algonquin college students have put together to promote the events they’re organizing to benefit our team!

Condors Nation: feel free to attend any event and please do share within your networks, let’s throw our Condors family support behind these amazing young people!

Thanks to the ENTIRE crew for all your hard work and dedication to the Condors – we are beyond grateful that you chose us as your summer campaign recipients!!



Season 10 Awards Banquet tickets now available!

Condors players, families, friends and volunteers:

Please join us at our end of Season 10 Awards Banquet being held at the Brookstreet Hotel at 5pm on Saturday, May 26th, 2018.

Tickets for players and volunteers are free of charge. All others can enjoy a subsidized ticket at just $20 per person.

We hope you’ll join us for an amazing evening of dinner, awards and dancing the night away! Tickets can be reserved and purchased here: Condors Season 10 Banquet


Condors Masters Raffle Cheque Presentation

Thanks to the generosity of all those who bought tickets for the Condors Masters Raffle, the Rotary Club of Ottawa Kanata Sunrise presented a cheque today to the Capital City Condors for $8,000. The support of the local community led to more than $17,000 being raised in total, with monies also going to the Rotary Club’s volunteer efforts in the city such as the Kanata Food Cupboard, Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre, West Ottawa Community Resource Centre, Rotary Home and Support our Troops fund.

(pictured left-to-right: Kanata North Councilor Marianne Wilkinson, Dwight Brown from the Rotary Club, Ian Anderson of the Condors, John Beard also from the Rotary Club, and Kanata South Councilor Allan Hubley)

Condors Tshirt Orders for Feb 8 game

Hello Condors!

As you all know, we’re planning to attend the Feb 8th Sens vs Preds game at the CTC and we want to make a terrific showing! Not only in numbers, but also in colours 🙂

We still love our Sens, but we wanted to do something a little special for Kyle & Julie, so when Kyle looks up from the ice – he sees just where his biggest fans are!

So, we are offering special edition Condors tshirts available in black, dark grey or red which will be ready in time to wear to the game 😀

Tshirts will be $20 each and each one must be ordered separately on the form below (we know that’s a pain, but its really the best way to keep it all straight). Payment can be lumped together (ie if your family is ordering 4 shirts) and made via etransfer to Wendell McConnell: condorstreasurer@gmail.com or by cash/cheque at the rinks to Jim, Shana, or Kelly.

If you require financial assistance to purchase a tshirt, please send a quick email to Shana and we’ll work something out 🙂

Whether you plan on attending the game or not, you’re welcome to order a tshirt.

UPDATE: orders must be in no later than January 13th!

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BCC 2017 Schedule

08:00:00 Condors 4 AWAY (RED Jersey) Bell Sensplex Palladium Insurance rink Cambridge IceHounds
09:00:00 Condors 1 AWAY (RED Jersey) Bell Sensplex Palladium Insurance rink Electric City
10:00:00 Condors 3 AWAY (RED Jersey) Bell Sensplex Palladium Insurance rink Ottawa Valley Ambassadors
11:00:00 Condors 2 AWAY (RED Jersey) Bell Sensplex Palladium Insurance rink Donaldson’s Diamonds
12:55:00 Condors 4 HOME (BLACK Jersey) Bell Sensplex Scotiabank rink Electric City
01:50:00 Condors 3 HOME (BLACK Jersey) Kanata Rec Complex – rink B Cambridge IceHounds
02:15:00 Condors 2 HOME (BLACK Jersey) Bell Sensplex Scotiabank rink Ottawa Valley Ambassadors
02:50:00 Condors 1 HOME (BLACK Jersey) Kanata Rec Complex – rink B Donaldson’s Diamonds
08:00:00 Condors 1 AWAY (RED Jersey) Bell Sensplex Canadian Tire rink Ottawa Valley Ambassadors
09:00:00 Condors 2 HOME (BLACK Jersey) Bell Sensplex Canadian Tire rink Cambridge IceHounds
12:55:00 Condors 3 AWAY (RED Jersey) Bell Sensplex Matamy Homes rink Electric City
02:10:00 Condors 4 AWAY (RED Jersey) Bell Sensplex Scotiabank rink Donaldson’s Diamonds
03:15:00 Condors 1 HOME (BLACK Jersey) Bell Sensplex Matamy Homes rink Cambridge IceHounds
05:45:00 Condors 4 HOME (BLACK Jersey) Bell Sensplex Scotiabank rink Ottawa Valley Ambassadors
06:55:00 Condors 3 HOME (BLACK Jersey) Bell Sensplex Scotiabank rink Donaldson’s Diamonds
07:00:00 Condors 2 HOME (BLACK Jersey) Bell Sensplex Palladium Insurance rink Electric City

We’ve hit a new milestone!

The 2017-2018 season saw the addition of an hour of icetime and a new location for our east-end programs! We were thrilled and very grateful to city councilors Tim Tierney and Allan Hubley who together with city staff such as Jo-Ann Davidson along with our Co-Founder and President, Jim Perkins, brought our expansion dream to life!

The additional hour of icetime brought us to a total of 5 PRIME time hours midday Saturdays from October – the end of March! Wow! We love our two homes: Jack Charron arena in Kanata and Earl Armstrong arena in Gloucester. There is something to be said for the old-style arenas…they just feel like home, remind us of what it is to be Canadian and to love hockey for the game it is.

Opening our roster again has also been an exciting result of the additional icetime and this brings us to our milestone announcement: we are officially at 108 players! Wow! And we still have a few spots left on our rosters!

It is amazing that over the course of 10 years we’ve been able to grow from 3 players, a dream, and a steep learning curve to a team of 108! We’ve been able to help plant a team (The Blades, who have spots open on their roster as well) in Cambridge, ON and are working with a new plant in Montreal as well!

And the Condors have never just been a team, we have always been and will always be a family. That’s why when students at Algonquin College came up with our hashtag: #biggerthanhockey, we knew it exactly summed up what the Condors are and aspire always to be…no matter our size.

If you know of someone aged 6yrs and up with an intellectual or an intellectual+physical disability that would prevent them from playing on any other team, put them in touch with us! It is our goal to make special hockey dreams come true!

If there isn’t a special hockey team in your community and you’d be interested in helping one get started, we want to hear from you! We want to see a team in every community across our great nation!

We want to again express our profound gratitude to our AMAZING Head Coaches, countless volunteers, Board of Directors and incredible community and business supporters for enabling us to keep #makinghockeyhappen! And of course, we can’t even begin to thank the Carkner, Turris, Wiercioch, Helmer and Condra families for their generoity and unparalleled kindness towards our players and their families. And, we would be remiss not to thank the very first group of friends who put joined us in putting our hearts and our money together to rent some icetime just to see if this crazy idea would take off. To the first Condors board and volunteers, we will be forever indebted to you for believing in us and putting your time and resources behind that belief! The Condors would not be who we are today without all of you!

We are humbled, incredibly blessed and so proud to share this journey with all of you, our Condors family.


Jim & Shana

and the entire Perkins family <3