2019-2020 / Season 12 New Volunteer Registration

Condors New Volunteer Application for 2019-2020
Your privacy is important to us! Should you be accepted as a Condors Volunteer, your email will be added to the Condors Volunteers email list and will not be shared outside our organization.
Please enter your full mailing address including postal code (this is required for insurance purposes)
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•Groups 1A & 1B: require the greatest number of volunteers as these are our Learn to Skate and Beginner Hockey Skills groups. We try very hard to have a 1:1 player:on-ice volunteer ratio.

•Group 2: requires fewer on-ice volunteers as players are capable of forward skating and stopping on their own.

•Group 3: requires fewer on-ice volunteers as players tend to be physically larger and are capable of forward & backward skating and stopping on their own.

•Group 4: requires 5-7 regular volunteers to help control the play and assist during drills, line-changes, etc.

•Group 5: requires 3-5 regular volunteers to assist with running drills, monitor play, provide tips and pointers, remind players of the "rules of the game" and provide encouragement on the bench and on the ice.

This is mandatory for all Condors volunteers and must be renewed every 3 years. If you don't have one yet, it can be acquired on the Ottawa Police Services website.

Please provide two references who know you well and have witnessed you first-hand working with either children and/or adults with disabilities.

If you do not have previous experience working or volunteering within the special needs community, that’s ok too. Please provide two references who can tell us about your work ethic, your personality/temperament, and your teach-ability.


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