2018-2019 / Season 11 Volunteer Registration

The Condors welcome registration of volunteers for various positions with the teams such as on-ice volunteers.

Please fill out the registration form and someone from the Condors will contact you to discuss the fit and our needs at this time.

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Background Information



  • A “Vunerable Persons” police records check is required for all volunteers older than 16 years of age. Once your application has been processed and if you are being offered a volunteer position, you will present your police check to the Volunteer Coordinator for verification and insurance purposes.

    Additionally, we would like you to provide two references. Please identify two people who are not related to you. If possible, one reference should be work-related (either volunteer or paid).

  • Reference #1 Information

  • Reference #2 Information


Volunteer Code of Conduct

  • • I will treat all players and children and their parents with dignity and respect.
    • I will ensure that the private information concerning players and their family will not be shared with others outside the organization.
    • I will have no private media or social contact with players or the minor children of the families of The Condors during the hockey season (i.e. internet, Facebook, email, phone, texting, etc.) without written consent from their parents or guardians of any minor player of which I will submit a copy to the Capital City Condors Volunteer Coordinator.
    • I will inform the Capital City Condors if my Police Check status has changed during the hockey season.
    • I understand that should I physically, emotionally or sexually abuse a player/minor child while participating in any Capital City Condors event, the organization will contact the police and I will immediately be discharged from my volunteer position with the Capital City Condors.
    • I will not take any photos or videos in any of the dressing rooms at any time.
    • I will not consume excessive amounts of alcohol, take any illegal drugs or engage in inappropriate activities with other persons while participating in any Condors event.
    • I understand that when I travel with the team to tournaments or away games, I represent the Condors to the community and serve as a role-model for the players. As such, I will not abuse alcohol, use illegal drugs or participate in inappropriate activities that would cause the players and families to question my integrity.
    • I understand that I am not responsible for dressing players as that is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. I may assist if it is requested by the parent/guardian. I am not to enter alone the players’ dressing room. I am not responsible for helping a player/child go to the bathroom as that is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.
    • I understand that respecting other volunteers, the Head Coaches, the Volunteer Coordinator, and ultimately the Condors Board of Directors is vitally important to the success of the Condors program. If at any time, my behavior is deemed as undermining the integrity and purpose of the Condors program, I may be dismissed from participating at the discretion of the Volunteer Coordinator and the Board of Directors.
    • I agree that my participation in the Condors program is subject to the above rules. At any time, if I am in breach of these rules, my participation may be terminated at the discretion of the Volunteer Coordinator and the Board of Directors.